Vaellan Vehicles

Finnish innovation by Superlion. Vaellan vehicles are purposely built for light weight mobility. These are built for work, mobility and efficiency. Vaellan vehicles can be used year round from difficult terrain to deep snow in any weather conditions. These vehicles can pull heavy equipment or cargo with you. Easy, light and most of all, full power to assist you with your task in hand.

Superlion properties

Superlion properties offer unique office space and workspace. We focus to provide solutions for any type of needs with the best environment for your employees. Superlion Ltd is currently operating in Naattiantie 1, 40520 Jyväskylä.

Creater – Open workspace

World’s first factory space with low monthly fees. Anything from metal, wood, paintshop to electronics. Truly heaven for DIY people.

Super sampling products

Water and environmental sampling products for environmental agencies globally. More information please contact our specialists by

Superlion engineering and consulting services

Superlion Oy has global business development and engineering services available for international projects. We have multiple specialists from mechanical engineering to IOT, sales and marketing. Ask more